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    Post  matthg96 on Sun Jul 04, 2010 11:15 pm

    I have been playing since the 4th of july when i got the app armagetron
    I like either att or def but i like att more. I like being there getting core dumps
    I will make it to all of or most of the Practices/wars/other stuff
    I should be in becuse im good at armagetron and im loyal
    i can do it most nights just tell me when. i see mind a lot or ive seen him a few times in my one day of playing


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    Re: application

    Post  JUAN on Mon Jul 05, 2010 3:52 pm

    ok good


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    Post  mindmasked14 on Mon Jul 05, 2010 5:30 pm

    Grats on making it Smile

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    Re: application

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